Over 60 years of


Palkki Group is a family company involved in real estate development and investment management.


Palkki traces its origins back to the late 1940s when Palkki’s founder, Mr. Aarne J. Aarnio, began his first apartment construction developments and communal planning projects in post-war Helsinki. In 1953 Palkki Oy was founded. Over the next 60 years Palkki expanded from building Helsinki’s housing and recreational space to office buildings and shopping centres in the greater Helsinki metropolitan area. In the early 1960’s Palkki’s portfolio also included industrial plants around Finland ranging from a resin factory to plywood and chipboard mills in Kitee and Ristiina.

During the 1950’s Aarne J. Aarnio expanded his business interests to shipping. Over the next 40 years his dry bulk, oil tankers, container ships and his passenger and car ferries transported passengers, commodities, and goods globally.

Following the divestments of its wood processing and shipping interests in the 1980’s and early 2000’s respectively, Palkki has continued its focus on property development. The company now operates as an investment holding company focusing on real estate development and investment management.